I saw it on your keyboard, you saw it on my sleeve

Its been a few months since I came on here. I forgot this exsisted. Things have been really well. I'm so much happier than I have been, in such a long time. I just cant believe I let it get the way it did. Let myself slip away so badly. It kind of blows my mind. I feel like Im back to myself again, with a little more maturity. As if I was sleeping for two years, and some one finally shook me to wake up. So hit me up, lets chill :]

Im working at walmart right now. Sold my souuul. Im hoping to take a CNA class soon. Retail is killing me :]

DECEMBER 20 is coming soon !!! :D

I got an apartment! Im living on my own [Well, with Krissy :] ] and would love some company to come and curl up on my couch and watch LOST with me :]

Oh, midnight showing this month? Anyone up for it?

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Only I dont know how, it got out dear.

Basically, im stressed.
I quite dog training because people just stressed me out too much. It really sucks, because I love the actual training of the dogs.
I just hate the retard owners.
I was juggling learning how to drive, teaching a dog to sit, school plus ccri classes and on top of it all, trying to stay in shape. In my spare time i showered. its unfair, but i dont regret it and I learned SO much.
School blows. Ive honestly had it, and im ready to tell just about every teacher that they can suck my balls. Ive had about as much as i can take.
my contacts keep bothering me, and I was so bumed out i inahled everything i saw :]
Im sick of hearing about all this devistation in the world. Im sick of trying to fix everyones problems, and im sick of saying im sorry.
Which brings me to another note.
Im not going to say it anymore, and you can fuck off. All I have ever done was try to help you, and if you've known me for so long, you should know im going to say my piece. seriously. kiss my ass.
i kindof went through this period where i wanted to make up for the things ive done wrong. or set right friendships that ended wrong.
I could care less now.
Im just way to stressed to look at the negitive things in my life, and id much rather just look to my positive, my future. My michael :] Corny, but true.

Ive got college coming up, very likly moving out with kristina, and a totally torn up hand from a pitbull. such is life.

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This school is so screwed up. I went to guidance to ask if I needed to take necap, because I was a sophmore last year, and now being a senior, I would have missed it. Accoring to Ms. Ross, Juniors never took necap, and I dont need it. So I double checked with the office, and they told me to check with guidance, who double checked that juniors never took it, and now Im in study, with Mr. C in the writing center. For the next two hours, and Im pretty sure Im going to kill myself.
I might get another job, because my life isnt busy enough. Itd only be six hours a week though. And I need the money. Badly. I have so many bills, and Im always so broke. It sucksss.
Schools been okay though. Im pretty souped that Im missing Mrs. Girolimin today though. Ive got lunch with Renee today :] too bad its with Mrs. Delcesto.

Mike and I had our one year on september 24th, and it was like, perfect :]
We went out to dinner, and he looked so cute. The food made a me a little sick though :/ then we went to Roger Williams gazebo, and exchanged gifts, and it was basically perfect. He got me a beautiful ringgg :] Then we changed, and went out for desert.
AND. Im pretty souped for Friday! :]]]
Ive got work for the next four days. Wed, Thurs, Fri 4-10, and sat 10-4.

AND! Happy Birthday Jill!

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Schools alright.
My classes are okay. They have a good flow.
I just cant wait to get out of CHS.
Im sick of the construction, the illegal immigrant workers, and the new principal that considers herself the daughter of satan.
Everything else is good.
One year with Mike on the 24 :]<3
Crazy right?!

Hows everything for everyone else that I never talk to anymore?

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Summers great, life is wonderful, love is beautiful.
Cumberland fest offically blew rides wise.
But I loved seeing everyone and catching up :]
So, I suppose the 5 dollar entery fee and the expensive tickets were worth it.
Summers been so great, the sunshine, freedom, and best of all-no girolomin :]
And, ofcourse, its all being spent with Mike and Kimberlie.
I honestly cant believe Ill be a senior. And then soon enough, Ill be in college. "growing up" hits fast huh?
I went to mystic a few weeks ago with mike and his family, and fell in love with the penguins :]
This week were going to six flags and plymouth, and im so souped :]
Im almost done with ccri classes!

How is everyone?!

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My computer broke. I want to slit my wrists.
Which really, I shouldnt be joking about.
I think Im failing Spanish by the way.
Girolimin can go royaly fuck herself.
Whatever. You can keep proving to me all the more what an awful friend you are. Its not saying anything new about you. Just a word of advice, maybe you should learn to keep your mouth closed.

But whats new with my life?
Eh, nothing to special. I started health classes with Bryan. I just got over being sick. Adams getting his permit. Mike♥ just paid off his car. Kimerlie hasnt called me in like a weeeeeek. Amanda and I had some intense socks ;] Ive been cleaning like crazy. Im getting pretty lazy as far as schools concerned. Ive been ditching classes with Vicky a lot, and we had the most bomb breakfast ever last friday. I cant wait for next Monday. Anna Nichole Smith is finally burried, now we can all resume back to our normal lives. I started a diet, and believe it or not, Ive actually been sticking to it. Which reminds me Im starviiiiing. And lunch is next, with Adaaam! I really want chocolate milk, and I have no idea whats going on in Chem.
Whats new with youuuuu?!?!

I'll never let you go, I'll never let you go...

I donated blood today, in honor of my father.
But what was really, really great is that I told Mrs. Clark why I was doing it, and she donated too, in his name.
Its things like that, that prove there is still some love and compassion left in the world.
She really doesnt know what that means to me.